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        2. CASES
          ABOUT US
          Danyang XuanYi Lighting Co., Ltd. , located in the scenic, economic prosperity, known as the "East China Lamps, "said the licensing industry town. Changzhou, east, west Nanjing, close to the north of the Yangtze River, water and land transportation is very convenient. The company has the advanced level in a professional production of a new road lighting and has a high reputation in the country, is a collection of product design, development, production as one of the lighting manufacturer, formed a road lighting, garden lights, flood lights , Lawn lamp, pole lamp, and other products in its product design is reasonable, beautiful shape, reliable quality, the products sold throughout the country, by the users of praise. . XuanYi Lighting Co., Ltd. Danyang staff as the "quality of life ", strict quality management, in accordanc ...